A year flies by, but then again, it doesn't.

Well the hunt for a new studio space took a little longer than originally thought. In between now and my last post a short lifetime has passed. I'd like to think that I've been fighting to get art done, but in reality having it take a back seat has been for the best. I'm happy to say that the past month has been artfully productive if not much else. This newest piece pretty much sums up my year. It's titled "False Sense of Security". Here's to new beginnings.


Moving Along


Moving studio space in the next month. I wanted to get one last larger piece completed before I precede to pack up my tools. For this one my long time friend Yasmina was kind enough to pose for me, last time we worked together was eight years ago (her original piece is one of the 12 hanging at the UTSA campus). Hopefully this next month is productive and I'm able to resume my work sooner than later.


"Letting Go" 60in X 28in

This piece speaks a lot of what I'm going through right now. I'm 'letting go' of many things in my life, and the process is hard. So I decided to let go of the constricting frame constraints in my art as well. It's interesting to look back on my style of work and how it's changed over the past ten years. I started out with just a rectangle as a canvas, then I added a frame, now I'm breaking out of the frame that I had given myself as a guide. Just the natural flow of things I guess.

Here's to 2016, what a crazy year it's been thus far.



More Natural with Gold Leaf

I'm continuing my subject and style from my last show at Kettle Art. The natural elements in the wood and gold combined with the very Mucha-esque imagery complements each other in a calming and playful way. The more pieces I create in this natural world, the more I find where my limitations to my wood carving are. If I push the medium, as it is now, too far, it quickly lets me know by looking cluttered, muddied, or just over all really bad. If I thought this medium was unforgiving before, take out the paint that hid most of my mistakes, and now I'm walking on eggshells with my carving tools. I'm going to always keep challenging myself, and I'll being creating in this style for a little while longer.


Fractal Logic Show

I haven't posted in a while because of this show. Art for me is about pushing myself to create something beyond what I have in previous pieces. Whether it is making a piece that is two works of art in one, or going a different route with materials. This time I wanted it obvious that I carved my images out of wood. I wanted nature to be represented in the subject and texture of the pieces. I turned to using stains instead of acrylics, and really wanted to play with natural tones. The result is something that I would call naturally beautiful. It's easy on the eyes and there are no real dark subjects to get through to understand the works as a whole.